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Full List of Winners from the Inaugural NZ Podcast Awards, presented by rova

11 November 2021

The 2021 NZ Podcast Awards Presented by rova has today announced its inaugural winners. 

An esteemed pool of local and international judges have trawled through submissions from 170+ Kiwi podcasts, which came from 400+ nominations. 

The rova Listeners’ Choice Award, won by indie podcast The Shit Show, received more than 17,000 votes in total from podcast fans across the country. 

Richard North, Co-Founder of the NZ Podcast Awards, said: “We’ve been so impressed by the breadth and quality of the Kiwi podcasting scene. Our judges have had a really tough job choosing winners for each of the categories and it was an incredibly close call due to the high standard of entrants. The aim of the awards was to shine a light on the industry and reward all the hard work that podcasters put in. We’ve taken a lot of learnings from this first year and next year promises to be even bigger and better.” 

“Judging for each category took into account a combination of judges’ scores (including points for entertainment value, audio quality, and more) as well as listenership and fan votes. In many categories, there was very little between the top five or six podcasts, which is a strong indicator of the high quality of podcasts being produced here in Aotearoa”

The Shit Show also took out Gold in the Acast Best Independent Podcast Award, winning a RØDE prize pack. 

RNZ took out the Best Publisher Award, edging out Stuff and Rova for the Gold. RNZ’s hugely popular Black Sheep won Gold in both the True Crime and Culture & Arts categories. 

iHeart (NZME) fared well in the radio crossover categories, winning multiple awards, including Best Comedy & Entertainment, Best News & Politics and Best Radio Podcast. 

Mediworks/rova dominated the Maori and Pasifika Podcast or Host award, winning both gold and silver, whilst Stuff are represented by several excellent podcasts including One Hot Minute, Collapse and He’ll be Right. The Spinoff saw success with The Real Pod (Silver) and Business is Boring (Gold)

While the large radio networks gained plenty of recognition, independent podcasts delivered the majority of awards, with The Girls Uninterrupted, Get Flushed and The Provise Project all proving popular with judges and fan voters. 

Well-known comedian Urzila Carlson also scored Gold in the Best New Podcast category, presented by Triton Digital, for That’s Enough Already!. Judges said: “There are some fantastic guests on this podcast, but the star of the show is 100% Urzila. Her laugh is infectious and her style is relatable to both guests and listeners.”

Best Culture & Arts Podcast, presented by Triton Digital    
Gold    Black Sheep
Silver    He'll Be Right
Bronze    Resonate: 10 Years of Brooke Fraser's Flag

Best Entertainment & Comedy Podcast, presented by rova    
Gold    The Matt & Jerry Show
Silver    The Real Pod
Bronze    Mai Morning Crew Catch Up Podcast

Best Sports Podcast    
Gold    The Fearless Podcast Powered by Puma - The Girls Uninterrupted
Silver    The Rock's Sporting Rumble
Bronze    The Agenda

Best News & Politics Podcast, presented by Digital Commons    
Gold    Heather du Plessis-Allan Drive
Silver    The Mike Hosking Breakfast
Bronze    Nine to Noon

Best Technology Podcast, presented by Dot Social    
Gold    The 20 Degree Podcast

Best Business Podcast, presented by Strategy    
Gold    Business is Boring
Silver    NZ Everyday Investor
Bronze    Get Flushed

Best Maori or Pasifika Podcast or Host    
Gold    Mai Morning Crew Catch Up Podcast
Silver    Tic-Heads with Uncle Tics & Randell
Bronze    Once a Panther

Best Podcast by a Kiwi Abroad, presented RNZ    
Gold    The Andy Rowe Show
Silver    Transformations with Jayne
Bronze    Lawyer on Air

Best International Podcast, presented by FlashFomo    
Gold    Earth Eclipsed
Silver    Beyond the Feed
Bronze    Funny People Talking

Best Radio Podcast, presented by bluereef®️ Studio    
Gold    Heather du Plessis-Allan Drive
Silver.  The Matt & Jerry Show
Bronze    Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan

Best Science & Environment Podcast    
Gold    Our Changing World
Silver    One Hot Minute
Bronze    Fight for the Wild

Acast Best Independent Podcast    
Gold    The Shit Show
Silver    That's Enough Already!
Bronze    History of Aotearoa New Zealand Podcast
Best True Crime Podcast    
Gold    Black Sheep
Silver    A Moment in Crime
Bronze    Crimes NZ

Best New Podcast, presented by Triton Digital    
Gold    That's Enough Already!
Silver    He'll Be Right
Bronze    Collapse

Best Current Affairs Podcast    
Gold    Mediawatch
Silver    Saturday Morning
Bronze    One Hot Minute

Best Podcast Publisher    
Gold    RNZ
Silver    Stuff
Bronze    MediaWorks / rova
rova Listeners' Choice Award    
Gold    The Shit Show
Silver    Mai Morning Crew Catch Up Podcast
Bronze    The Girls Uninterrupted

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