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Hindenburg sponsors “Best New Podcaster” and 1 year of Hindenburg PRO Premium for all category winners…plus a special discount for everyone!


We are excited to announce that spoken word software specialists Hindenburg Systems has signed on as the sponsor of the “Best New Podcaster Category” for NZ Podcast Awards. 

In addition, Hindenburg is providing the winners in every category with 12 month access to their PRO Premium tier, valued at NZ 500, which includes 50 hours of offline transcription per month, access to the Premium Soundly Sound FX library, and more.

Hindenburg is all about easing your workflow and helping you craft great stories. Their specialised audio editor has every tool you need to record, transcribe, edit, and publish professional audio recordings – and is at the same time so intuitive to use that you won’t need deep technical expertise to start producing your first piece.

Go to to get an extended 60-day trial and 30% off the first year.

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