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Acast announces RØDE prize packs and more for Best Indie Podcasters

8 November, 2021

We are delighted to announce that the good people at Acast, in partnership with RØDEhave teamed up to offer some incredible prizes to the Gold, Silver & Bronze winners of the Acast Best Independent Podcast at this year's New Zealand Podcast Awards.

RØDE microphones and accessories are used around the world by amateur and professional podcasters alike, so we know our Indie Podcast winners will love them. 

Here's what our Top 3 Independent Podcasts stand to win: 

1st prize:
1 x RODECaster Pro
1 x RØDECover Pro
1 x PodMic

2nd prize:
1 x RØDECaster Pro

3rd prize:
4 x NT-USB Mini (works with free podcasting software RØDE Connect)

In addition, Acast will offer each of the three winners of the Acast Best Independent Podcast Award with 12 months free hosting for their podcast.

Acast helps podcasters to find and grow their audience across every podcast listening app known to humankind and their wide-reaching advertising solutions will help you monetise your audience more effectively. 

We would like to thank Acast and RØDE for their support of the inaugural NZ Podcast Awards. 

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