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New Zealand Podcast Awards 2023

We are delighted to announce the winners of the 3rd edition of the NZ Podcast Awards, presented this year by Duncan Garner: Editor in Chief!

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The New Zealand Podcast Awards 2023, presented by Duncan Garnder: Editor in Chief, are now open! Going into our 3rd year, the Awards have reached an audience of over 1.5 million people over the last two years, and received hundreds of submissions from Kiwi podcasters. We're looking forward to celebrating another amazing year for podcasting. Good luck to everyone!


But how do you enter? And which category will fit your unique show best? Discover the main rules and key timings below. Got a question? Check out the FAQs.




3rd October 2023

Entries Open

Submit your own podcast to be considered for this year's awards. You can enter more than one podcast category. Full list of categories can be found here


26th October 2023 at 5pm

Deadline for Entries

Submit your podcast by the deadline and our judges will shortlist their top podcasts in each category. If you miss the deadline, you can still enter the Listeners Choice Awards.

26th October 2023

Listeners’ Choice Vote opens

This is the big one and voted for by listeners. We're looking for New Zealand's favourite overall podcast. The podcast with the most listener votes will be crowned champion.

30th November 2023

Winners Announced

The moment you've been waiting for. Time to announce the winners of the New Zealand Podcast Awards - There will be a gold, silver and bronze award for each category - as well as revealing the winner of the Listeners’ Choice, supported by rova.




If you've created at least six episodes of a single podcast before August 31st 2023 - and they're still available to download in podcast form - then you're likely to be able to enter.


Full rules are here, but generally the audio you submit must be:


  • a single MP3

  • up to a maximum of 15 minutes long (except Best Fiction & Best Documentary)

  • including (up to) a maximum of 5 clips

  • be taken only from material first published between Aug 1 2022 and August 31 2023


It should be audio that best describes the great work that you do. Alongside it, you can submit background information and/or tracklisting. This is where you should explain your show and demonstrate the success you’ve had (perhaps from stats, social, reviews, listeners comments etc)




There are two price bands for each entry in the awards:


Independent podcasters, educational institutions or charities: $40.

Corporate podcasts (if it's part of any business/corporate entity: $80.

Fees are paid per entry, either for an individual category or multiple categories. Best Independent Podcast, Best New Podcast, and The Spotlight Awards are all free opt-ins with a paid entry. All Podcasts are also automatically entered into the Listeners' Choice and Creativity Award.




In order to be sustainable and ensure that every entry is treated fairly, we do need to pay those helping to organise awards, and administrative fees like web hosting, marketing and graphic design. We also spend money promoting the winners - so if you win, your $$ fee can turn into $$$$s of PR. We also do our best to minimise fees compared to similar awards around the world.

The two pricing bands reflect the very diverse New Zealand podcasting scene. Our very broad thinking is that if your show is a labour of love or isn’t really designed to make any money then you should qualify as an independent podcaster. If it’s part of a business or organisation (whether the podcast is purely promotional or revenue-generating) or if your ability to make the podcast is enabled by a business or organisation, then you should be paying the corporate podcast fee. 



The New Zealand Podcast awards was set up to recognise the amazing work done by independent and professional Kiwi podcast producers across the country and abroad.

We're here to promote your shows, help you reach new listeners, reward quality content and celebrate our growing industry.

There are several ways to enter. You can submit a podcast for a specific category and our judging panel will shortlist their top five in each category, before announcing a winner in October.

There's also a listeners choice award which all category podcasts will automatically be entered into, with a fan vote determining the winner.

For a full list of dates and deadlines, check out our schedule here. And to submit a podcast, visit the nominations page here.





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