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Industry Profile: Rob Kitchen from bluereef® Studio, Wellington

10 November, 2021

Rob Kitchen has over 25 years experience in radio broadcasting and podcast production, working in Wellington, Dubai, London and Cairo. He has hosted some of the most listened-to podcasts across the middle-east, whilst producing many more for the likes of Virgin, Kiss, and Global.

Upon his return to Aotearoa, Rob's love of audio inspired him to launch bluereef®, a podcast studio made for Kiwi content creators, offering professional sound recording and studio training to podcasters across Aotearoa.

Read on for the full Q&A with Rob Kitchen...

NZPA:  You have over 25 years experience in radio broadcasting and podcast production. What has been the highlight of your career so far?

RobWorking with people across Aotearoa, the Middle East and Africa has been the biggest highlight. Sharing in their stories, culture and traditions through radio and podcasting is a humbling experience. Audio can be such a personal medium, more so that any other I think.

NZPAWhat drove you to establish bluereef® and what are you hoping to achieve?

RobInspired by the amazing Kiwi content creators I've met in Aotearoa, I created bluereef® to help podcasters reach an audience with access to professional sound recording. Our mission is to create equal opportunities for Tangata Whenua and Pākehā to share their content with the world

NZPAYou've worked on a number of podcasts around the world. Is there one that stands out? If so, why?

RobI worked on radio in Cairo, Egypt, during the Arab Spring of 2011. We had many broadcasters on air who had strong opinions, but who were also afraid to voice them on the network. Working with a small team we produced a weekly podcast offering an independent platform to voice decent, debate social issues and connect with people across the city. The podcast became incredibly successful and will always be something I’m so proud and humbled to have worked on.

NZPA: Can you recommend a Kiwi podcast that people might not (yet) know about?

Rob: We’ve been working with a great team in Wellington to produce a new podcast series called ‘It’s a Kiwi thing’. We’re interviewing Kiwis from all walks of life to capture their views and opinions on some of the big issues in Aotearoa. Each episode will take on a topic, from housing and the pandemic, to the effects of colonisation. The first should land by the end of the month, so keep an ear out.

NZPA: What can podcasters expect from a visit to bluereef® Studio?

Rob: We’ll start with a Kōrero over coffee and map out your podcast ideas, content and episodes. You can record at our beachfront studio in Wellington, perfect for video podcasts and swimming, or we can bring the studio to you. Whether you’re at home or deep in native bush, we’ll make your podcast sound awesome.

The summer is a great time to get creative so check out our website and let’s kōrero about your podcast.

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